La SEC afirma que los documentos de Bitcoin y Ether no son relevantes para el caso Ripple

23.3.2021 | 11:56

La SEC ha pedido al juez que no ordene la presentación de los documentos de Bitcoin y Ethereum exigidos por Ripple.

En una carta recientemente redactada, Dugan Bliss, abogado litigante principal de la Comisión de Valores de Estados Unidos, pide a la jueza de distrito Sarah Netburn que no obligue a la agencia a presentar documentos relacionados con Bitcoin y Ethereum:

Tal descubrimiento es inapropiado y debe ser negado, como al menos un tribunal de distrito en este Distrito ya ha sostenido en circunstancias indistintas en un caso de activos digitales.

La SEC escribe que dicha solicitud es „desproporcionada“ y „exagerada“.

La SEC se compromete a presentar documentos sobre el XRP

Como informó U.Today, Ripple presentó una carta de premoción para forzar la producción de los documentos mencionados, afirmando que XRP estaba reteniendo „evidencia potencialmente exculpatoria.“

La SEC explica que en realidad aceptó revelar sus comunicaciones por correo electrónico sobre Ripple y XRP con intercambios y documentos de otros casos que mencionan el token aunque no son relevantes „para ninguna reclamación o defensa“:

Estos documentos relacionados con XRP y Ripple -comunicaciones por correo electrónico entre el personal superior pertinente de la SEC y terceros, así como producciones de terceros en otros casos de activos digitales- no son relevantes para ninguna reclamación o defensa, pero la SEC acordó proporcionarlos para llegar a un compromiso.

Sin embargo, esto no fue suficiente para llegar a un compromiso con Ripple, y la compañía de blockchain entonces se movió para presentar la carta de premoción antes mencionada.

Las comparaciones con el Bitcoin no se sostienen

A pesar de que los abogados de Ripple están tratando persistentemente de convencer al tribunal de que XRP no es diferente de Bitcoin y Ether, la SEC argumenta que las propias declaraciones de los acusados hacen evidente que estos activos digitales son diferentes cuando se trata de las leyes de valores:

En resumen, como los casos dejan claro, simplemente invocar comparaciones con Bitcoin y Ether (o etiquetar un activo digital como moneda) no es una defensa reconocible. Por lo tanto, el descubrimiento de Bitcoin y Ether no puede tener ninguna relación con las cuestiones en este caso o, al menos, no es proporcional a las necesidades del caso, como el juez Hellerstein sostuvo recientemente en un caso de activos digitales de la SEC.

Además, la SEC señala que tanto Telegram como Kik intentaron argumentar que sus respectivos tokens estaban destinados a funcionar como una moneda, pero sus argumentos fueron rechazados por los tribunales:

Aplicando esa ley, los tribunales han rechazado uniformemente los argumentos de que un activo digital no es un valor porque se asemeja a Bitcoin o Ether o se etiqueta como una moneda.


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Cardano mutates into multi-asset network after hard fork „Mary

4.3.2021 | 09:20

Cardano (ADA) mutates into multi-asset network after hard fork ‚Mary‘

Hard fork Mary will allow users to create tokens on Cardano in the future. The upheaval marks a milestone on the road to a multi-asset ecosystem.

The Cardano network has taken a significant step back on the road to a multi-asset network with its next hard fork. As part of the Goguen rollout, Mary enables the creation of tokens and Bitcoin Investor smart contract applications on the blockchain for the first time. Thus, Cardano is maturing more and more into an Ethereum competitor.

Cardano takes next hurdle

Yesterday evening, Mary was implemented in Cardano via the Hard Fork Combinator. As part of the Goguen rollout, Mary heralds a new Cardano era. While last July’s Hard Fork Shelley was an important door opener for the decentralisation of the network by introducing Staking Rewards, Mary is gradually transforming Cardano into a multi-asset network.

In future, users will be able to set up native tokens as well as smart contract applications on Cardano. In this way, the developers are creating the basic framework for a broad DeFi architecture that will challenge the supremacy of the Ethereum network and also the upstart Binance Smart Chain (BSC), especially through low fees. But even if Mary represents an important milestone, Cardano is still at the beginning on the way to a multi-asset environment.

According to the Cardano Forum, the next steps are „the creation of a Cardano token registry and the release of new versions of Daedalus Flight 370“. In this regard, Daedalus will in future „include a token generator with a user-friendly interface for easy creation and deployment of native tokens“. With Mary, Cardano has moved into the third of a total of five development phases.

A Hard Fork

A hard fork is a fundamental intervention in the blockchain history and in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum led to the offspring Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. Cardano is different. The hard forks are part of the network evolution and fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. „Rather than implementing radical changes, Cardano provides a smooth transition to a new protocol while saving the history of previous blocks,“ the forum continues.

After a transition period, the Shelley blocks of the blockchain will have the Mary blocks attached to them. Thus, the history does not change. The blockchain ensures the complete comptability of the Byron, Shelley and Goguen blocks. For ADA investors, the hard fork does not change anything either; they do not have to migrate their tokens.

A burgeoning decentralised crypto economy

Blockchain company EMURGO, co-founder of the Cardano protocol, calls it a „significant update“ that opens up „a world of opportunity“ for developers and businesses. The transformation to a multi-asset environment unleashes „a wide range of services and solutions such as decentralised finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and stablecoins“. This is paving the way for a „burgeoning decentralised crypto-economy“.

On the ADA exchange rate, Mary has admittedly fizzled out immediately. On a daily basis, Cardano is down 3.7 per cent. However, with a gain of 241 per cent in a 30-day comparison, the expectations have already been priced in. ADA only reached a new record high of 1.48 US dollars on 27 February. Looking ahead to the upcoming upgrades, ADA is likely to vehemently maintain its place in the top five largest crypto assets in the coming months. However, with only one billion US dollars less in market capitalisation, Binance Coin (BNB) has already taken up the chase for third place.


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ADA (Cardano) and ATOM (Cosmos) staking lands on Binance

11.2.2021 | 10:54

Two new cryptocurrencies can now be staked on Binance: Cardano’s ADA and Cosmos’s ATOM. The platform is experiencing an unprecedented influx of users at the start of the year, while cryptocurrency prices are soaring.

On Binance, staking opens to Cardano and Cosmos

The launch of staking for Cardano and Cosmos cryptocurrencies was announced yesterday by Binance. The returns are rather high: up to 21.9% for the ADA, and 24.79% for the ATOM . Regarding the thresholds, users will be able to staker from an ADA and an ATOM. The upper limit is set at 1000 ADA and 50 ATOM.

These two cryptocurrencies join 34 others that were already offered for staking by Binance. The platform had already unlocked staking for Bitcoin Future two days ago, with annual staking rewards estimated at 32.79%.

Binance expands its empire

Binance’s offering is currently one of the most extensive among platforms that offer cryptocurrency staking. This is a further sign of the apparent hegemony of the exchange , whose Smart Chain has also overtaken Ethereum in terms of transactions in recent days.

This sometimes results in some technical issues. This week, the exchange’s services were briefly halted as Bitcoin (BTC) broke through $ 48,000 . This morning, Changpeng Zhao revealed that the platform is experiencing never-before-seen demand:

“Binance had a traffic record yesterday, 60% higher than the day before , which was already a record. The systems have managed to manage this influx. Registrations are still open, but I don’t know until when. Here too, we are witnessing a record. „

But it didn’t take long for the platform to become overloaded, with deposit, withdrawal, P2P and margin trading services, and others being suspended briefly. This clearly shows the interest of a new public for cryptocurrencies: good news for Binance, which thus confirms its domination …


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Coinbase investit dans le nouveau Crypto Mining Pool Titan des États-Unis

16.1.2021 | 08:00

Les conditions de l’investissement n’ont pas été divulguées.

La branche „venture“ de Coinbase, la principale bourse de cryptocourrier américaine, a investi dans la société de logiciels et de services miniers Titan dans le cadre de son cycle actuel de collecte de fonds d’amorçage.

  • Titan est actuellement dans une phase de test bêta, qui devrait se terminer en février, selon un courriel de l’OCM Phil Gomes.
  • Parmi les clients qui testent actuellement le pool figurent le géant minier Core Scientific.
  • Ryan Condron, PDG de Titan, a qualifié l’investissement de Coinbase de „puissant soutien“ à son nouveau pool minier. Les conditions de l’investissement de Coinbase n’ont pas été divulguées.
  • Titan n’est pas le premier investissement minier de Coinbase Ventures. Fin 2018, la société a également soutenu le démarrage du matériel minier à domicile Coinmine.


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Da evolução do Ethereum a seu lugar em uma carteira

14.1.2021 | 11:45

Da evolução do Ethereum a seu lugar em uma carteira diversificada

Qual é o apelo do Ethereum, como a rede irá evoluir no futuro, e que papel essa moeda criptográfica desempenha hoje em dia em nossa carteira de investimentos

Quando ouvimos falar em cadeia de bloqueio, a primeira moeda criptográfica que nos vem à mente é a Bitcoin, o primeiro protocolo baseado em ledgers distribuídos, mas certamente não o único. Nos últimos anos, temos visto milhares de protocolos de cadeias de bloqueio e um aumento na sua utilização por empresas.

Outra cadeia de bloqueio muito interessante é a do Ethereum. A cadeia de bloqueio Bitcoin foi criada para Bitcoin Profit inovar o sistema de transação, e desde então se tornou uma moeda digital que serve como um ativo de refúgio seguro: não surpreende, muitas vezes é rotulada como „ouro digital“. O Ethereum, por outro lado, visa tornar-se uma plataforma de software distribuída e pública de código aberto na qual contratos inteligentes e aplicações descentralizadas (DApps) podem ser executados.

„Bitcoin é antes de tudo uma moeda: esta é uma aplicação específica da cadeia de bloqueio, mas longe de ser a única. Para dar um exemplo passado de algo semelhante, o e-mail é um uso particular da Internet e certamente ajudou a popularizá-la, mas existem muitos outros“.

– Gavin Wood, Co-Fundador do Ethereum

O Ethereum abre a porta para um sistema financeiro global onde uma conexão à Internet é tudo o que é necessário para acessar aplicações, produtos e serviços que operam de forma confiável. Qualquer pessoa pode interagir com a rede Ethereum e participar desta economia digital, sem a necessidade de terceiros e sem o risco de censura.

Neste artigo vou falar sobre a evolução do Ethereum e como pensar sobre a moeda criptográfica em um portfólio, mostrando correlações com as principais classes de ativos.

Como podemos usar o Ethereum?

A principal inovação do Ethereum, a Máquina Virtual Ethereum (EVM), é um software completo de Turing que roda na própria rede. Permite a qualquer pessoa executar qualquer programa, independentemente da linguagem de programação.

A Máquina Virtual Ethereum torna o processo de criação de aplicações em cadeia de blocos muito mais simples e mais eficiente. Em vez de ter que construir uma cadeia de blocos completamente original para cada nova aplicação, o Ethereum permite o desenvolvimento de milhares de projetos diferentes em uma única plataforma. As aplicações descentralizadas podem ser idéias completamente novas ou retrabalhos descentralizados de conceitos existentes. Como os DApps consistem em código que funciona em uma rede em cadeia de bloqueio, eles não são controlados por nenhum indivíduo ou entidade central.

O Ethereum também pode ser usado para criar organizações autônomas descentralizadas (DAOs), que operam sem a presença de um único líder. Os DAOs são executados por código de programação e são baseados em uma coleção de contratos inteligentes escritos no Ethereum. O código é projetado para substituir as regras e estrutura de uma organização tradicional, eliminando a necessidade de pessoal e controle centralizados.

Ethereum 2.0

Como também destacado por Marco Manzo, Analista de Pesquisa da ICM, o Ethereum está mudando seu algoritmo de consenso de PoW (Proof of Work) para PoS (Proof of Stake). O PdS é apenas uma das principais características do Ethereum 2.0: outras importantes atualizações tecnológicas também serão implementadas, como o sharding, que diminui o número de nós necessários para processar cada transação.



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Trump bans Chinese payment claims, including AliPay and WeChat Pay

6.1.2021 | 16:51

The trade war with China affects the country’s booming digital payments industry.
Trump bans Chinese payment applications, including AliPay and WeChat PayNOTÍCIAS.

With only two weeks to go, President Trump sent a new executive order against Chinese payment claims.

The order of 5 January prevents US citizens or persons located in the US from using nine Chinese payment claims. He continues previous White House efforts to cut off the US market for Chinese applications such as TikTok. Yesterday’s order reiterates previous concerns about the collection of data by the Chinese Communist Party:

„‚The continuing activity of the PRC and the CCP to steal or otherwise obtain data from people in the United States makes it clear that the intention is to use massive data collection to advance China’s economic and national security agenda‘.
The ATTACHED applications are AliPay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay and WPS Office. The implementing decree will enter into force in 45 days, when Trump will be out of service. Given the fact that his previous order for ByteDance to remove TikTok was lost in court while he was still in office, there is no reason to believe that Trump will get what he wants here.

The focus on payment requests is particularly important. The recent moves by the US national security agencies have clearly indicated their concern about the Chinese payment systems, in particular the central bank’s digital currency with a database accessible by CCP.

Many in the crypto-currency industry, as well as the technology industry in general, have warned of a technological cold war between China and the US, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and several leaders of Ripple Labs. While the situation between the two countries is clearly tense, both Facebook and Ripple went through serious investigations by US regulators who were worried about their operations when they put forward these arguments, somewhat reducing the impact of their „patriotism“.

While the barriers between the private and public sectors are stark, the treatment of the private companies in China Trump targets is already very poor. The Ant Group, a fintech subsidiary of Alibaba, the owner of AliPay, recently came into conflict with the Chinese Government. Xi Jinping is said to have personally suppressed the Ant Group’s IPO, since then Alibaba’s shares have fallen and their founder, Jack Ma, has disappeared.

Another Chinese technology giant, Tencent, owns three of Trump’s target entities: QQ Wallet, Tencent QQ and WeChat pay. Although Tencent has avoided the Ant Group’s high-level battles with the CCP, the long-awaited digital currency of the Chinese central bank may well be an attempt to influence the country’s impressive fintech activities.


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Battle of stores of value – Bitcoin hits new record high in gold

2.1.2021 | 23:49

Bitcoin is climbing to a new record price measured in gold.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) reached another record high yesterday, Friday, but this time in the currency pair with gold.

Additional evidence that the demand for the market-leading cryptocurrency is rising into new spheres

While the Bitcoin price climbed above the 29,000 US dollar mark on Friday, the crypto currency also reached a price level of 15.62 ounces of gold, which exceeded the previous high from December 2017, according to data from U.Today demonstrate.

The year 2020 turns out to be more and more a milestone for Bitcoin, because the increased interest of institutional investors has given the crypto currency the strongest soaring in its 11-year history. Bitcoin was able to achieve a gain of almost 300% in 2020.

Gold also had a strong year with significant gains, which pale in comparison to the crypto currency, because the precious metal managed „only“ an increase of 25%

Many crypto experts are convinced that Bitcoin will take over more and more market shares from gold in the future, because in the duel for the place as the leading store of value, the crypto currency offers decisive advantages such as efficiency, easier transferability and scarcity. Even the analysts at the large investment bank JPMorgan Chase now support this thesis .

Some experts suspect that the Bitcoin price will continue to climb in 2021 due to a continuing shortage. As Cointelegraph reported yesterday , the influential wealth management company bought three times as much Bitcoin as it mined in December.


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DeFi Yearn Finance Protocol announces merger with Pickle

19.12.2020 | 08:00

DeFi Yearn Finance Protocol joined forces with Pickle Finance, resulting in a price increase for Pickle

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje confirmed plans to bring Pickle Finance. The partnership will help increase incentives for yield farming and reimburse DeFi users who fell victim to Pickle Finance’s Saturday operation.

The popular DeFi protocol suffered a $19.7 million loss in the DAI, in an exploit that was described as a complex code execution. The system was manipulated using several loopholes, including the Jar conversion logic and Jar swap, resulting in an exploit of almost half its value.

According to Messari data, the price of the Pickle token (PICKLE) dropped 50.12% to $10.17 with news of the exploit. After the merger news, the price of the PICKLE went up to $26.5, but has since dropped to $16.98 at the time of writing.

Cronje explained that the partnership aims to promote specialisation and reduce duplication of work.

Pickle Finance’s vaults, known as Pickle Jars, borrow heavily from Yearn’s v1 yVaults and are more like duplicates of the latter. Cronje said that the first step would be to consolidate the vaults as they have similar codes. The next step would be to unify the total value of the blocked protocols. He added that more additions will follow.

“.. We are pleased to announce that Yearn has formed a symbiotic relationship with @picklefinance,“ Yearn Finance posted on Twitter.

Yearn Finance will seek to integrate Pickle’s strategy creators and developers to develop new strategies and fee structures for the new vaults.

The DeFi community’s reaction to the partnership so far has been mixed. One faction of the community has expressed concern by suggesting that there should be a governance vote on the merger decision. The question was answered by a Yearn team member who said that there was no need for a governance vote because the construction of new Yearn coffers was not allowed.

Regarding the Pickle exploit, a token called CORNICHON will be built to analyze and determine the losses incurred. The partnership announcement explains that the tokens will be created according to the balances at the time of exploitation. They will then be distributed fairly among the victims.


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3 key metrics to keep in mind as Bitcoin’s price tries to exceed $20,000

8.12.2020 | 11:03

Are you afraid that the price of Bitcoin will drop? These three key metrics help traders detect both upward and downward sentiment in the crypto market.

For the past week, the price of Bitcoin Machine has been flirting with the $20,000 mark, which has led some traders to lose patience. In the eyes of some of them, the lack of upward momentum is problematic, especially considering that BTC tested the USD 16,200 level about a week ago.

Experienced traders know that there are key indicators that serve as telltale signs of a change in trend. These are the volumes, futures premium and positions of major traders on the major exchanges.

A handful of negative indicators will not precede every fall, but most of the time there are some signs of weakness. Every trader has his own system, and some will only act if three or more bearish conditions are met, but there is no established rule for knowing when to buy or sell.

Futures contracts should not be traded below the spot exchanges

Some websites host business indicators that claim to show the ratio of long to short for various assets, but in reality, they are simply comparing the volume of offers and stacked offers.

Why do so many bitcoiners not understand the concept of „deflation“?

Others will refer to the data in the ranking table, so they will monitor the accounts that were not excluded from the ranking, but this is not accurate.

A better method is to monitor the funding rate of perpetual futures (reverse swap).

The open interest of buyers and sellers of perpetual contracts is matched at all times on any futures contract. There is simply no way for an imbalance to occur, as each trade requires a buyer (long) and a seller (short).

Financing rates ensure that there are no currency risk imbalances. When the sellers (short) are the most leveraged, the financing rate becomes negative. Therefore, those traders will be the ones paying the rates.
Weekly funding rates for BTC perpetual futures. Source: Digital Assets Data

Sudden changes to the negative range indicate a strong willingness to keep short positions open. Ideally, traders will monitor a pair of trades simultaneously to avoid possible anomalies.

The funding rate can bring some distortions as it is the preferred instrument of retail traders and as a result is affected by excessive leverage. Professional traders tend to dominate longer term futures contracts with set expiry dates.

There’s fear in Bitcoin traders after the rejection of the $19,500 level: here are the bearish and bullish scenarios

By measuring how much more expensive futures are compared to the regular spot market, a trader can measure his level of optimism.
BTC Futures Premium January 2021. Source: Digital Assets Data

Keep in mind how fixed calendar futures should normally be traded at a premium of 0.5% or more compared to regular spot exchanges. Whenever this premium fades or becomes negative, this is an alarming signal. Such a situation, also known as backwardation, indicates a strong downward trend.

Monitoring volume is key

In addition to monitoring futures contracts, good traders also track volume in the spot market. Breaking significant resistance levels at low volumes is somewhat intriguing. Usually, low volumes indicate a lack of confidence. Therefore, major price changes must be accompanied by solid trading volume.

Aggregate volume of BTC spot trades.

Although recent volumes have been above average, traders should remain skeptical of significant price changes below $3 billion in daily volume, especially considering the last 30 days.

According to last month’s data, volume will be a key metric to consider as traders attempt to push the Bitcoin price through the $20,000 level.

Bitcoin Price Rise at Risk as Gold and US Dollar Show Signs of Recovery

The relationship between long and short of the best traders can anticipate price changes

Another key monitor for metric-savvy investors is the proportion of long to short of the major traders that can be found on the major cryptomoney exchanges.



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Justisdepartementet utleverer påstått BTC-gruvedrift Ponzi-operatør fra Panama

5.12.2020 | 21:25

AirBit Clubs ledelse er samlet i New York City og vil stå anklaget for å ha stjålet „medlemsavgifter“ for å finansiere massive markedsføringsarrangementer og overdådige personlige livsstiler.

I henhold til en mandag kunngjøring har USAs justisdepartement og det sørlige distriktet i New York utlevert en leder for påstått Ponzi-ordning AirBit Club fra Panama

Gutemberg Dos Santos er en av seks tiltalte operatører av AirBit Club, og den siste som kom inn i USA for å møte rettssak før SDNY. Dos Santos er en dobbeltborger i Brasil og USA. Myndigheter i utgangspunktetpågrepet fem av de seks tilbake i august , med en sjette myndighet som unngikk frem til oktober.

DoJ hevder at AirBit Club solgte „medlemskap“ som lovet garantert avkastning. De seks operatørene markedsførte avkastningen som et produkt av klubbens gruvedrift og handelsstrategier. I følge DoJ eksisterte disse operasjonene ikke. I stedet gikk medlemsavgiftene til å finansiere videre markedsføring over hele verden, inkludert massive arrangementer for å rekruttere nye medlemmer og jet-sett livsstil for seg selv.

Noen av disse arrangementene er synlige på AirBit Clubs fortsatt aktive nettside, med den siste som fant sted i Sao Paulo, Brasil, i fjor

En av de seks tiltalte var Scott Hughes, en California advokat som, DOJ påstår hjulpet AirBit Club ledelse „ved blant annet å bidra til å fjerne negativ informasjon om AirBit Club og Vizinova fra internett“ – muligens ved å true med ærekrenkelse drakter til steng dissens.

Hughes står også anklaget for å hjelpe driften med å hvitvaske inntekt via forskjellige klientkontoer.

En av de mest berømte Ponzi-ordningene i krypto er PlusToken, som nylig så over 4 milliarder dollar i kryptoaktiver konfiskert av den kinesiske regjeringen.


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