Wibson launched an app that shows which companies have user information

16.6.2020 | 10:21

Wibson launched an app for users to regain online privacy and maintain power over their personal data. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español from Argentina in a press release.

„With the aim of giving people back the power over their personal data, the Wibson company proposes a new scenario in the digital world, where the user can enforce his or her privacy rights,“ the company said.

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„How many companies have your details? 50? 100? More than 100, maybe? It is difficult to know, since every time we log in to a website, make a purchase online or use a social network, we are providing information to a company,“ the statement explained.

They then added: „In recent years, and especially after the approval in 2018 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GPRD) in Europe, people have realized that their privacy is important“.

This is the context in which Wibson was born, and through an app users can see which companies have their data and what type of information they are keeping, which can be personal information, financial data, health data, interests, among others.

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Users‘ rights
Once the user finds out which companies are involved, he can demand that they delete his data, asserting his right to be forgotten, as established in RGPD and CCPA, the regulation that governs personal data in California, United States.

Rodrigo Irarrázaval, CEO of Wibson, said:

„We launched Wibson in 2018, with the purpose of having users monetize their personal data. In these years, we learned that you cannot monetize something that you do not yet control, because although the data belongs to the users, they do not yet have control over it. That’s why we are now making a relaunch, offering the technology for people to assert their rights over control of their data. The app is now available worldwide. Before, it was only available in four countries on a trial basis.

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„By using Wibson, you’ll find companies you recognize and know have your data. But you’ll also see companies you don’t even recognize and it’s alarming. What’s the risk? The risks of a company having your data are very great, especially considering the frequent data thefts, as it was for example recently with Easy Jet,“ Wibson said.

Rodrigo Irarrázaval added:

„Every day there are thefts or data leaks. Wibson’s idea is that you can reduce the risks, eliminating as many Bitcoin Revolution as possible that do not provide value to the user. At Wibson, we want to balance the data ecosystem so that the real owners of data, the people, can exercise control over it.

The app is currently available for Android, but the idea is that in the future it will also be available for iOS. „We want everyone to have the opportunity to control their privacy,“ Irarrázaval concluded.

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